Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Moving the chicken sheds

We have two fields fenced for chickens and we plan for them to have two years in each, interspersed with field-scale crops. In May we moved them to the top of the top field, and since then we have ploughed and planted the lower field with squash (all now harvested), leeks, kales, cabbages, beetroot, chard, and carrots (which are small but good).
Leeks and other crops planted and sown into the old chicken field.
On Tuesday last week we went up with our tractor and dragged the sheds twenty metres down their current field onto fresher pasture. We'll move them twice again next year before changing fields again in 2020. Our little Ford tractor will only drag them downhill!
Early morning, and the first shed has moved downhill.

Mid afternoon, all three sheds have moved, and the chickens released.

Late afternoon, all the fences and water butts have been re-erected, and that's the job done for another six months.

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