Friday, February 8, 2019

Revamping the packing shed

Our packing shed, which used to be the cow shed when it was a dairy then beef farm, is a huge space primarily used for storing miscellaneous items. But last weekend we sorted it out and created a much more useable space, with a larger packing and collection area, and a new seating area for use by visitors and volunteers.
The old veg box packing and collection area.
The area that has become the new veg box packing and collection area.

Robert levelling the floor at the back of the shed, before putting tables and shelves for veg boxes in place.

Adrien and Robert dismantling the shelves.

Adrien admiring the new veg box packing and collection area.

Andy and Anne packing veg boxes in the new big area yesterday.

The new multi-use seating area where the packing area used to be.
 A huge improvement all round - many thanks to everyone who helped with this winter project.

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