Monday, March 25, 2019

Potato planting 2019

Having been forced to wait for the ground to dry out sufficiently, we planted all our potatoes on Saturday 23rd March, one day earlier than last year. This year we have planted 28 sacks in total, being 2 of Casablanca first earlies, 2 of Charlotte salads, 6 of Maris Peer second earlies, 9 of Ambo maincrop, and 9 of Carolus blight-tolerant maincrop, all of which took 5 hours and filled about one acre of the old chicken field (Meeting Field).
Alan and Shelley on the back of the planter, loaded up and ready to go.

And in action.

A view from the tractor cab.
A special thanks to Shelley for helping out - Shelley helped plant potatoes two years ago as a wwoofer, and is now a member of staff at the farm, but gave up one of her days off to sit on the planter. And thanks to Alan, one of our current wwoofers, for filling the other seat.

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