Thursday, August 15, 2019

Lafrowda 2019

July 20th saw the culmination of another wonderful edition of the annual Lafrowda Festival Fortnight here in St. Just. Bosavern Community Farm was again proud to be represented by a willow sculpture in the community procession, and with this year's theme being "Off the page" we created a pig in top hat and tails from Animal Farm by George Orwell. Many thanks go to Jo Pickard for creating this for us, assisted by Marine, Emmanuel, and Alice. If anybody has a photo that we can use on this blog please email it to us, as I was too busy on the day to see the procession!

We also had our usual stall on Fore Street for the morning farmer's market, selling a range of produce from the farm and farm shop, with thanks to Fran, Ailsa, and Alice for running the stall.
Congratulations to all the Lafrowda crew!!

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