Sunday, November 17, 2019

Clearing the end of the packing shed

Every farm, like every house, needs a place to store things, and we are blessed with a large packing shed (formerly a cow shed when it was a dairy farm) for this. But as the farm develops and our operations expand we need more space. We now have a plan for the far end of our packing shed, so yesterday a team of volunteers cleared the area, and organised the stuff that we found there, accumulated over many years - a potter's wheel, a weaving loom, a collapsable stretcher, a TV aerial, several crates of reject potatoes, old plaster board, a sheep crush, a polytunnel cover, some pig fencing, crates of empty bottles, severa, windows and doors, two kitchen sinks, old tiles, a large bee sculpture, a chicken shed, old chains, stacks of chairs, and archaic egg incubator, two compost bins etc....

And after - with Bruno, Jun, Rex and Kim.
This particular winter task is always a cathartic experience, and a good indoor job to do on wet cold days. The stuff has been disseminated amongst our other outbuildings, where hopefully it will be put to good use, though plenty has ended up destined for the local recycling centre.

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