Friday, December 13, 2019

Recent improvements

Our new array of veg box shelving across the back wall of the packing shed, built out of reclaimed tonne-boxes. The back wall was painted (with a waterproof tanking slurry) by local Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme volunteers.

We've struggled for nine years with poor visibility for our farm entrance, so our new entrance with reduced hedge height (down to 1m above road height) is a great improvement.

And better visibility downhill too.

The new "Seedbox" workshop-cum-classroom-cum-whatever in the packing shed, with heating, lighting and wheelchair access. It had its first use at the Winter Fair, and held its first workshop this Wednesday (weaving with the Roaming Rag Company).

A new skylight panel fitted above the farm shop entrance to replace the old broken leaky one.
Many thanks to Rebuild Southwest for leading on most of these projects, and all our other volunteers who leant hands when needed (in particular lowering the hedge and building the shelves).

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