Saturday, January 18, 2020

Recent veg boxes

Our veg boxes so far this January have contained a selection of winter veg from the community farm (kale, chard, potatoes, spring greens, carrots) and Cargease Organic Farm near Penzance (cauliflower, leeks, swedes, beetroot), augmented with produce from our polytunnels (Chinese leaves, coriander, parsley, fennel, watercress, mooli, rocoto chillies).
Red Russian kale from the market garden (as well as Black Tuscan, green and red curly kale).

Rocoto chillies from the Mothership - fresh chillies in January!

Spring greens from the market garden.

Chinese leaves (Granaat) from the Sausage polytunnel.
In the next few weeks we are also hoping to be able to include crops such as purple sprouting broccoli, green sprouting broccoli, kohl rabi, salad, French breakfast radishes, oriental greens, and jerusalem artichokes.
Picking chard in Meeting Field.

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