Monday, April 13, 2020

Current shop opening times

We have slightly reduced our shop opening times, partly because we have fewer resident volunteers to staff the shop, partly to free people up to sow and plant out on the farm, and partly to let us catch our breath during these strange days. We are now open from 10am till 5pm on weekdays and Saturdays, and 10am till 2pm on Sundays.
The farm shop on the morning of Easter Saturday.
Most produce for sale in the shop is either local or organic, and often both, but we are now having to stock some items which are neither because supplies have become scarce and we are moing into the Hungry Gap. Flour is one example. Everything is clearly labelled as to its provenance and status. We always strive to be as local and organic as possible.

We have bread from Vicky's every day except Sunday (when we still sell Saturday's bread). Frozen bread is also available.

Fresh full-fat milk from Treen is delivered every Friday morning.

Local veg from Cargease Organics comes on a Thursday morning.

Our own GM-free eggs may be scarce during the week as we have to save them up for Friday deliveries, but there should be plenty over the weekends.

We harvest our own Wholesome Food Association veg for the shop whenever we find the time to do so! Depending what is in season.

We are now serving customers at a table across the shop doorway, from where most of the shop shelves are visible. Please don't be offended by this - it is to protect the health of both you and our volunteers. We are trying our very best to ensure that everyone remains healthy so that we can continue to provide these essential services.

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