Sunday, October 25, 2020

Squash harvest 2020

On Saturday 17th October we harvested all our squash patch for the year, and laid them out to cure in the Propagation Station polytunnel, so they will be ready for Halloween. We harvested 450kg this year, about the same as last year, so a little disappointing but still good. There are several different types of squash as usual - crown prince, jack o' lantern, jack be little, turk's turban, butternut, blue ballet, green hokkaido, cheyenne bush, and Sue's bug pumpkin (grown from seed saved from a local grower - Sue Pentreath at Carallack - who passed away recently). 

The first pumpkin portions went into the standard veg boxes on Friday 23rd, and the rest will be available in the shop at £2 per kilo during the coming week and from then on. Next Friday's veg boxes will each get a lovely jack-be-little squash, perfect for eating (like all our squash), but also for carving and putting a tea-light in.

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