Sunday, November 8, 2020

Moving chicken sheds

Yesterday morning (having postponed for the previous two Saturdays due to bad weather) we moved our three chicken sheds a little bit down the slope of their field, to give them fresh pasture, and to stop their manure from building up all in one spot. We drag them with our tractor, using a special chain and yoke made out of old polytunnel pieces, with all the chickens inside, then let them all out in their new spot.

Our chickens are laying less eggs now that the weather has turned cold and daylight hours are much reduced, this is the natural rhythm of laying hens. We have about 20 boxes per day, half of which are for the farm shop, and the rest are for veg box deliveries. Please be understanding if you come to our shop and we've already sold out - there will be more on the following day.

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