Thursday, January 6, 2022

Harvesting mooli for veg boxes

Our wonderful volunteers today harvested 50kg of mooli radish (a.k.a. daikon or minowase) from one of our polytunnels, just under half of this years' total crop, so there will be enough for another week in the veg boxes soon! We've had a much better crop this year than last, by sowing earlier, and maintaining soil moisture levels (i.e. better watering).

Jocelyn and Diana harvesting polytunnel mooli.

A crate of mooli being harvested.

Tomorrow's veg boxes are now mostly packed, just the salad to go in after an early morning pick, and the bread, milk and yoghurt in the morning. They will contain:-

small £7 box - mooli, potatoes, curly kale, salad, leeks, and dried lemon verbena for tea;

standard £11 box - mooli, potatoes, curly kale, watercress, leeks, dried lemon verbena for tea, oriental greens, a slab of Crown Prince squash, and a cauliflower.

And by the time we'd finished the rain had blown away and the sky looked like this!

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