Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Veg boxes 18/2/22

Jos and Faheem picking coriander in the Mothership.

Ben picking Chinese cabbage in Nigel.

Ali and Joe cooking Thursday lunch in the cabin.

Despite Storm Eunice we still managed to pick and deliver over 80 veg boxes last Friday (although slightly delayed), with much gratitude to all the pickers and deliverers involved (all performed as safely as possible given the circumstances - most of the storm had passed over by late morning). The boxes contained a selection from:-

  • our own mixed salad leaves,
  • our own watercress,
  • our own Chinese cabbage leaves,
  • our own dried ring-of-fire chillies,
  • our own rainbow chard,
  • our own red Russian kale,
  • our own coriander,
  • local organic Carolus potatoes,
  • local organic leeks,
  • local organic celeriac, 
  • and local organic cauliflowers.

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