Saturday, March 12, 2022

Polytunnel tool station


Last Sunday, a delegation from Bosavern Community Farm visited Soul Farm near Flushing, as part of the Community Supported Agriculture Network local get-together (hopefully there will be more about this in a later blog entry). Whilst there, we spotted a lovely tool station in the middle of their market garden, so that they were never too far from the tool they needed. What a great idea! And so obvious. Whereas our market garden is 100m from our tool shed / workshop.... So yesterday we built this new beautiful tool station in our Mothership polytunnel, which will save us so much time and energy, and it's only taken us 11 years to think of it. All our most commonly used tools will now be close at hand, and our workshop is less cluttered and more useable (it is curently being cleaned and organised by two volunteers as the latest storm rages outside).

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