Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Woodland wildlife scrapes

Earlier this year, up in our Community Woodland, we put in some wildlife scrapes, funded by the Penwith Landscape Partnership. At the time they were dry, and they stayed dry until November, but the largest scrape now has a good amount of water in it, and some of the smaller ones do too.

This shows that we now have the highest level of groundwater this year so far. In fact, last week the farm was the soggiest that it has been for several years, but ten days of dry weather now has led to some drainage, so we are not as swampy as we were. After a horribly hot dry summer, when we were chasing our tails trying to irrigate badly suffering crops, this is a blessing. Unfortunately though, heavy downpours last month led to our farm-shop flooding on three seperate occasions, which is very rare.

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