Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Veg boxes 2/2/24

We have just been out in the field digging up our potatoes for this week's veg boxes. This week we are planning to include the following:-

£8.50 box - carrots, a cauliflower, rainbow chard, spring greens, potatoes, and salad leaves.

£13.50 box - golden beetroot, a savoy cabbage, carrots, a portion of celeriac, oriental greens, spring greens, potatoes, salad leaves, and watercress.

The rainbow chard, potatoes, salad leaves, oriental greens, and watercress are grown here on the community farm. The cauliflowers, savoy cabbages, and spring greens are grown at Cargease Organics near Crowlas. The carrots, golden beetroot, and celeriacs have been grown on organic farms in the UK.

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