Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The EGGcelent EGGstravaganza!

Sunday 17th April saw at least 200 people head down to Bosavern Community Farm for a fun-packed day of Easter fun, thrills and spills.
Scarecrow making in the farmyard.
Kicking off at midday, our Easter offering involved scarecrow making, egg decorating, throw the welly, biscuit decorating, tea and cakes, soup and bread, tortilla, scones and cream, tug-o-war, egg hunt, raffle, jumble sale, second hand book stall, name that carrot, eggy dip, name the pigs, egg throwing, farm produce, face-painting, guitar serenades, and polytunnel tours.
The finest spread of cakes known to mankind.

Decorating eggs in the newly-renovated "Hive".
Meeting our new pigs.

Throwing the welly.
Our three little pigs arrived on Saturday morning, and proved quite an attraction in the Home Field. People soon filled our white-board with suggested names for the two black pigs (the spotted one is called Penny already), and two names will be chosen tomorrow by a panel of volunteers. Another blog entry about the pigs will follow soon.....
Easter egg hunt causes a stampede in the vegetable field.

Eggy dip game.
The day was a massive success, raising over £500 for the farm, but the most important thing was that hundreds of people came to the farm, spent their afternoon here, supported the project, and had a great time into the bargain. Many thanks to everyone who came, and to all the volunteers who helped organise the event.
Joan and Sonia taking a well-deserved break in the kitchen.

Holly and Allan preparing for the raffle draw.
Toby helping make scarecrows.
"Name that carrot" winner with her two prizes.
Face-painting - WOW do I look like that?!!!

The winning name for the carrot was "Sesame Sprout", which won a chocolate Easter the carrot of course.

Two of our new scarecrows have taken up residence at the end of the drive for the pleasure of passing motorists and people stopping to buy eggs and salad at the farm gate, whilst the others will soon move to the vegetable field to begin their working life.

Dumbo the elephant scarecrow.

Scarecrow family.
As usual on our open days and at our events, the overall mood was very positive, with many people saying what a great project the farm is and what good work we are doing here. As we are a community farm, the opinions of the community are of paramount importance to us, and positive messages like this make all the hard work and our very existence worthwhile.

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