Monday, July 18, 2011

Harvesting onions and garlic.

A few weeks ago, during some nice dry weather (seems a distant memory now), on one of our "picking and packing" Fridays, we harvested the onions and garlic that were the first crops planted outside, on October 7th of last year. The onions were "radar" and the garlic "flavor", and both survived the harsh winter and grew well throughout the dry spring, becoming one of the first outdoor crops harvested this year. We tied them into bunches and hung them in the barn to dry. All the onions have now been sold, and some of the garlic too, though we're saving the rest for our veg-boxes.
Sally and Rowan planting onion and garlic sets last October.
Baby onion and garlic plants last November.
Garlic hanging in the barn to dry this July.
Onions hanging in the barn before being sold at Lafrowda.

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