Monday, July 25, 2011

Preparing for chickens.

Beginning back in March we have been preparing the farm to receive our second batch of laying hens. Last week we made the final preparations, and duly 200 new birds arrived on Friday. Due to supermarket contracts, birds are considered to be "spent hens" when they reach 72 weeks of age, and their eggs are deemed unacceptable for sale, so the birds are sold off cheap. Our last batch of these 72-week-old birds have been excellent, and are still laying 36 delicious eggs a day between the 45 of them, so we bought 200 more - which meant a lot of fencing, housing, perches, drinkers and feeders to be up and running.
Building chicken perches last Thursday - with Heather, Becky, Jim, Robyn and Anne.
Shed number 2 all ready for occupation.

Shed number 3 looking cleaner than it ever will again.

Fencing and gates erected.

Due to the stress of the move, our new birds have temporarily stopped laying eggs, but we hope to have a lot more eggs for sale at the farm gate and at Pendeen Farmer's Market within the next few weeks. It will take the new arrivals a little while to settle down in their new home, as chickens are birds of habit and any change in routine can unsettle them. Eggs from our original flock are still available at the farm gate for £1.40 per half dozen.
Chickens checking out their new home.
Going for a stroll around their new garden.

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