Thursday, January 26, 2012

Ebony and the gang.

Ebony and her piglets eating boiled potatoes.
Ebony is the mother of five piglets - Blue, Ginger, Horus, Lowenna and Popo - the whole family of whom now live at Bosavern Community Farm. They are kune-kune pigs, a small hardy breed native to New Zealand and the Polynesian islands. Although popular as pets they serve as useful grazing animals for the farm, helping to keep grass and plant growth down whilst manuring the land as they go, and will in time make good sausages and meat the same as our last pigs (Penny, Sage and Onion). Ebony and the gang came from an organic farm just north of Penzance, and are very friendly. They love eating boiled potatoes, which is very handy because we have a lot of reject potatoes from our vegetable field. They also eat organic "sow and weaner nuts", which cost twice as much to buy as non-organic feeds.
Ebony eating like a pig.


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