Thursday, January 26, 2012

Finishing beds in the new polytunnel.

At last this task is complete! We put the plastic skin on our new polytunnel back on the first of November, and started digging the beds that same day, but because of the amount of couch grass roots in the ground, and all the other jobs that have needed doing, we only finished the beds today. But it's a job well done, and we are very grateful for all the hard work put in by volunteers too numerous to mention - a big thankyou to all. We have dug the whole tunnel twice, redistributed soil to make a level growing surface, lined the beds with reclaimed roof tiles, put stepping stones on the beds to allow access, planted up half the tunnel (green sprouting broccoli, kohl rabi, spring cabbage, and winter lettuce), and applied our own compost to one quarter of it. Now we will install an irrigation system ("soaker hose" made from recycled rubber car tyres), and use the remaining beds to grow leek and cabbage seedlings for transplanting outside in the spring.
Today's team having completed the task - Bex, Anne, Hugh, Willow and Sonja.

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