Friday, October 12, 2012

Green tomato chutney.

It's been a funny year for farming. Our tomatoes didn't fully get going until September, but we've had two months of good crop, although next week looks like being the last. Tomato blight was seen in the polytunnel at the beginning of July, and has been a constant battle since. Rots also began soon after that, due to the incredibly wet summer. Trusses have rotted, so we have removed the tomatoes and disposed of the branches, leaving us with plenty of green tomatoes to make chutney out of. Having already brewed enough for the house over winter, some of our volunteers cooked up a big batch to sell on our gate stall. Delicious green tomato chutney is now available at the gate, priced £2 for a medium size jar, and £2.50 for a large.
Jenny and Anne preparing chutney in the farmhouse kitchen.

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