Friday, March 15, 2013

Moving the next and final two chicken sheds.

Morley came down yesterday and dragged the other two chicken sheds from their old field to the new. It was easier this time, because we'd taken down another section of fence to allow more room to manoeuvre, and because the ground was dryer (and today it has heaved down - good timing!). Still a tight squeeze through those gateways though, but no seven-point turns required this time.
Dragging a shed out of the old field.

Tight squeeze through that gateway.

Positioning a shed on the new field.
Last year's "maincrop field" will be this year's "chicken field", and last year's chicken field will be this year's maincrop field. The potato patch was ploughed as soon as the sheds came out, and fingers crossed we'll be planting potatoes with our new potato-planter next Monday.

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