Friday, March 15, 2013

Planting red onions.

Two weeks ago we harvested the last of our Brussels sprouts, plus their tops to use as greens, and included them in our veg boxes and farmers market stall. We finished digging the bed over last Tuesday, and yesterday we planted all this years red onion sets there, plus 42 elephant garlics which we planted in pots in the polytunnel during the winter, and still had space for 2 rows of carrots and 6 of beetroot.
Claire hoeing around the elephant garlic.

Luke and Nathalie preparing a bed for red onions.
We are in the process of converting our market garden field from small beds running north-south separated by grassy paths, to long beds running east-west separated by bare soil, to help control pests (mainly slugs and weeds) and to allow some of the weeding and other work to be carried out by tractor.
Row of elephant garlic.

Luke planting red onion sets.

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