Monday, April 29, 2013

Big pigs move home.

Our three adult kune kune pigs - Ebony the sow who had her litter here last summer, Butch the boar and her mate, and Barney his "barrow" companion - moved home to Chypraze Farm between Pendeen and Morvah last week. Ebony and Butch have already been put together in their new home, so she should be producing a new litter towards the end of summer. Chypraze produce pork sausages and cuts of meat, and sell their produce at St Just and Pendeen Farmers Markets, but the kune kunes will be breeding pets rather than meat pigs. The six weaners - Nikolai, George, and the Spice Girls - are still here at Bosavern, and are destined to be sausages within the next three months.

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