Tuesday, April 16, 2013

New chickens.

On Thursday 28th March, we became home to 100 point-of-lay Colombian Blacktip laying hens, bred near Launceston, and now housed in shed 2 on our new chicken field. Most started laying straight away, some even on arrival, but some have not started yet. We are getting about 60 eggs per day, of a smaller size than our older hens, so we are selling the small "pullet's" eggs at only £1 per half dozen, available on the gate stall and at Pendeen and St. Just Farmers Markets.

Most of the hens are now venturing out during the day, though it took a few days for the first brave bird to jump out for a minute. Most are also perching at night, though this is something we have had to patiently teach them by lifting them onto their perches every evening - at first 93 out of 100 needing lifting onto their perches every evening, now it's only about 15.

Our other hens are laying very well, and their larger eggs cost £1.50 per half dozen on the farm gate and at farmers markets, they can also be included in our weekly veg boxes.

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