Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Preparing and planting the "New Baby".

On Tuesday and Wednesday last week we hired a rotovator and prepared the inside of the new polytunnel. We decided against growing in grow-bags because of the cost of sourcing peat-free organic grow-bags, and we have reservations about the contents of standard bags. So we opted to rotovate the ground, pick out as much couch grass root as possible, lay cardboard and mipex (woven mesh weed suppressant cover), and plant through holes in the mipex.
David rotovating, Carlos and Camille hunting for couch grass roots.
Laying cardboard and paper feed sacks as a mulch, with Emma, Jenny, Hella, Paul and Yaran.
Unrolling the mipex flooring, with Yaran, Paul and Hella.
Planting the first tomatoes, with Hella and James.
Planting the fifth line (of six) of tomato plants, with Carlos and James.
We laid the floor and irrigation on Thursday (unfortunately I miscalculated the amount of soaker-hose needed, which is what happens when you buy a polytunnel in feet and irrigation hose in metres!), and planted 225 tomato plants through holes cut in the mipex on Friday. The plants are doing well, despite being held for too long in pots waiting for the tunnel to be completed. The remaining hose has been ordered, and we have spare plants, to give us 270 in total. That leaves two irrigation lines spare, for our aubergines, tomatillos, pepino dulces, plus some squashes and courgettes, maybe more peppers and chillies too. If anybody wants to buy tomato plants at 50p each please come and ask!

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