Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Re-skinning the new polytunnel.

Also on Lafrowda Saturday (22nd July) the new skin on our polytunnel failed above where we had battened it to the base-rail, and the only option we had was to cut the plastic off and weigh it down before it came away completely and blocked the St Just to Lands End road.
Serious plastic failure on the tunnel got us all in a flap...
Luckily there were 6 of us on hand to drag the plastic off the frame and pile tyres on the top. This left our 300 tomato plants horribly exposed, and some came down and some suffered wind burn, and the aubergines took a battering too.
Damaged tomato plants hanging in there in a damaged tunnel.
But we ordered a new skin during the week, and last Saturday 29th a group of community volunteers came to help us fit it - and due to the extra practice we fitted it even better this time!

The new skin on, ready for battening and trimming.

A team of pullers and pleaters ready for action.

The tunnel all skinned and beautiful again.
Many thanks to everybody who came along at 7am on Saturday morning to help - Alice, Andrew, Anita, Carlos, Deb, Gerald, Gill, Jenny, Jim, Joan, Karen, Kathrin, Malcolm, Morley, Paul, Paul, Paul, and Tim - and for those who provided breakfast for the hungry team.

We are already getting ripe tomatoes, and will go into full production within the next two weeks.

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