Monday, April 28, 2014

Filling the fourth polytunnel.

First of all we'd like to thank Claire from The Conservation Volunteers and her Green Gym for spending a day digging over the inside of the new polytunnel, and taking out the dock, burdock, dandelion and couch grass roots. The tunnel is now fully sown and planted, with soaker-hose irrigation throughout.
Our fourth polytunnel completed and ready for planting.
 In the past week we have sown 2 lines of spinach, one of radishes, erected 2-metre-high netting and sown a line of climbing French beans, transplanted a line of May Queen lettuces, and today we planted 170 tomato seedlings in the remaining 4 lines of irrigation.

Alice and Viktoria planting lettuce seedlings.

Tomato seedlings transplanted.
Fingers crossed for a good early bountiful harvest....

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