Sunday, April 13, 2014

Skinning our fourth polytunnel.

On Thursday 10th April we bit the bullet and skinned our fourth polytunnel - thankfully the weather behaved and even the wind kept low all day so we had almost perfect conditions. This is a 60 by 24 foot tunnel, erected without the use of concrete, all held down by earth and metal anchor-plates.

Applying anti-hotspot tape to the frame before the skin goes on.

Morning coffee break - well deserved with the skin already over the top.

Beginning to fill the trenches to hold the plastic in place.

Working on the end of the tunnel.

Fitting the final door in the early evening.
This year we will grow French beans, aubergines and herbs in the tunnel - but first we need to prepare the ground.... Many thanks to our wonderful volunteers on the day - Kate G, Kate B, Pete, Paul, Andrew, Leire, Lina, Anne, Jim and Mackie. Within a month we'll be doing the next one!

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