Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Aromatherapy Workshop.

Today, four lucky ladies cosied up around the farmhouse fire and enjoyed a day of Aromatherapy and Massage Techniques with our very own Alternative Therapy Workshop leader Isobelle. We learnt about the effects and use of many different oils, smelling and discussing each one. After a delicious shared vegetarian lunch, Isobelle imparted some hand massage and head, neck and shoulder massage techniques, which we then took in turns to indulge our partners with. We then put into practice our newly found knowledge and each chose oils to make our own pot of Aromatherapy massage oil which we could take home with us. By the end of the day everyone had found at least one or two oils which they felt they could relate to and would like to start using in their every-day life . A lovely time was had by all and there was much talk of further Alternative Therapy workshops being run at the Farm. Keep a look out for posters in the New Year and do come and join us! Thanks Isobelle and all those that came!

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