Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas on the farm.

Chickens and polytunnels don't realise it's Christmas, so the farm has continued over the festive period with a skeleton staff.... We did close the shop on the 25th and 26th however, opening on the 22nd, 23rd and 24th for the run-up....
Dawn over the farm whilst heading to the chicken sheds on Christmas morning.
Beautiful weather on Christmas Day! Two of us harvested most of the veg needed for our Boxing Day delivery of veg boxes, with time for some repairs to brassica netting and chicken shed windows before dusk. Then on Boxing Day we harvested salad before delivering veg boxes as far afield as Penzance, followed by some weeding in the polytunnels.

A special mention must go to Yaewool, our wwoofer from South Korea, who helped all week with only Christmas Eve off, and 3 local volunteers who came down on Christmas Day and Boxing Day mornings to help collect and process eggs - plus 2 other local volunteers who called round with gifts of shortbread and buck's fizz!

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