Sunday, February 1, 2015

Current polytunnel crops.

These photos were also taken yesterday, in our four polytunnels, as 40mph winds raged outside.
Green sprouting broccoli/calabrese, which we have just started harvesting, and it went into our standard veg boxes last Friday for the first time this winter.

Rainbow chard.


A rocoto chilli on one of our trained perennial bushes.

Elephant garlic (a closer relative to leek than garlic), we're hoping to be able to sell some for the first time this year, having built up our stocks for the past three seasons.

Purple kohl rabis ("cabbage turnips"!).

Vietnamese coriander bush (a close relative of redshank, with a spicy coriander flavour, my new favourite spice/herb).

Pak choi with surprisingly little slug damage.

Flat-leaved parsley.

Winter purslane, which has now spread of its own accord throughout our tunnels, and is a major constituent of our salad bags at this time of year.

Four lines of red radishes a few weeks from being ready.

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