Monday, February 16, 2015

Skinning the propagation tunnel.

Wednesday 11th February promised a good enough weather forecast to skin our latest polytunnel, with no rain and very mild winds, so we took the opportunity, gathered a group of volunteers, and spent the day getting the plastic cover on and dug in and the doors hung.
Natalie, Pete and Jessie applying anti-hot-spot tape to the frame first thing in the morning.
This is our new propagation tunnel, or "The Propagation Station", where we will raise as many seedlings for the farm as possible, saving us money by not having to buy in seedlings, and allowing us a greater say in what plants we use, and when, and how they are raised. There will be a heated bed, plus an array of wooden shelving - plus tea-making facilities!
The cover on and fastened in place, before morning coffee break.

Discussing the best way to get the plastic as tight as possible.
Inside the tunnel before hanging the doors.

Hanging the last door of the day.

Part of the skinning team at the end of the day.
We'd like to thank everybody who helped to skin the tunnel on the day - Ian, Nikki, Pete and Pete, Simon, Jenny, Willow, Andrew, Jessie, Natalie, Jim, and Tommy - plus the three dogs for keeping us entertained.

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