Sunday, April 5, 2015

Finishing our outdoor sheltered bed.

Last Monday and Tuesday we finished work on our outdoor sheltered bed, and sowed one third of it with an early salad crop.
Building the corners of the bed.

Felix and Pete knocking in half-round posts to hold the wind mesh.

Starting to attach the wind mesh at the gateway, with a barrow of rocks to hold it down to the ground.

Wind mesh attached and battened all the way round.

Laying the irrigation pipes.
Since this bottom photo was taken we have built and hung a gate, straightened the irrigation pipes, covered two thirds of the bed with black plastic mulch again, and sown the remaining 4 lines of irrigation with salad seeds which have already germinated. The irrigation pipes and most of the wind mesh were salvaged from the wreckage of our destroyed polytunnel, which occupied this site for a depressingly short period of time! We hope the sheltered bed fares better...

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