Saturday, June 27, 2015

New potatoes - the end of hungry gap?

Last week we began to harvest our new potatoes (Maris Peer), which are heavenly! We are digging them by hand most days of the week, and they are proving very popular in our shop and markets and veg boxes, and also with local restaurants and pubs.
Digging up new potatoes is usually the first sign that we are emerging from the notorious and stressful "hungry gap", having once again battled through it successfully without a break. Maybe we are counting our chickens before they've hatched - but as well as new potatoes we're already harvesting new season crops of rainbow chard, cucumbers, courgettes, radishes, patty-pan squash, black Tuscan kale, globe artichokes, baby carrots and French beans. Plus collecting record breaking quantities of eggs thanks to our new flock of chickens and their invigorating move into a new field. So here's hoping for another great season on the farm....

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