Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Skinning our seventh polytunnel.

After three weeks of waiting, the wind died down enough for us to put the skin on our seventh and final polytunnel! This will house the bulk of this year's tomato crop, though 50 plants are already fruiting in a small area in the Mothership.
The polytunnel frame at 8am today, ready to start work.

Having stuck anti-hot-spot tape over the frame, and unrolled the plastic along the side, two of us climb into the rafters to help pull the skin over the frame.

The plastic skin on the frame and partially secured - time for a morning tea break.

Filling the trenches to hold the plastic in place, and cutting the door-holes.

The doorways battened and tidied - just the doors to hang and the weeding to do (tomorrow...).
We'd like to thank the people who volunteered their time to help us skin the polytunnel - Alice, Andrew, Claudio, Iris, Jenny, Kieron, Maxime and Sue.

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