Monday, July 18, 2016

Bosavern swallow

This year's theme for the Lafrowda Arts Festival was "the fast and the curious". For the fourth year running the community farm created a willow sculpture for the Lafrowda Day Community Procession, and because we have recently had swallows hatch from the nests in our barns, we decided to create an enormous swallow (latin name Gulpus giganticus).
Adding the flower garlands at the base of the swallow just before the procession.

Queueing for the procession to begin.

Sharka and Jo helping to push our swallow through the streets of St Just.

Soaring down Fore Street.
This two-storey willow-and-paper swallow was a beautiful achievement and was much admired in the procession, even doing twirls in Market Square. Many thanks to Alice, Jenny, Willow, Andrew, Sue, Jo and Liz (and anybody else who helped!) for realising the swallow, and to Jo, Sharka, Alice, Ian and Sue for parading with it on Saturday.

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