Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Planting squash and pumpkins

Today we planted 200 squash plants in the market garden (18 days later than the equivalent last year, but they'll catch up, fingers crossed...). They were sown at the beginning of May, by a school group, and other volunteers, and have been potted on once since then into municipal compost.
Jackie, Franziska, and Alice starting to plant at the far end of the patch.
This year we have a squash patch measuring 26m by 9m, with 8 lines of 25 plants on a metre-grid system. We planted these through holes cut into mipex, surrounded by a wind-mesh fence, and covered with insect-mesh to further protect from the wind.
Franziska and Jackie taking a break from planting.

All planted, ready to cover in wondermesh.
Thie year we have tried the following squash - crown prince, blue ballet, gem (rolet), jack be little, jack o lantern, nice long, Boston winter, green Hokkaido, galeuse d'eysanne, and Cheyenne bush. Also thanks to Ben who doesn't appear in the photos!

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