Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Hay day

We cut our hay on Monday 8th August, baled it on the Friday, and brought it into the barn on the Saturday.
The hay being baled, as seen from our camping field.
This year we cut Carn Field and Top Field at the top of the farm, the first time we have cut these fields for our own hay, althoug they have always previously been cut for silage. Carn Field yielded 238 bales, and Top Field 100. Six years ago, when the community first began farming here, Carn field was known as Dock Field for then-obvious reasons, but six years of traditional summer cutting have minimised this old problem.
Hay bales awaiting collection in Carn Field.
Loading hay into the trailer - Darel, Arron and Rosella.
The 2016 Hay Crew - Hugh, Arron, Olivia, Darel and Rosella.
Our hay is now all stacked in the open barn, and will soon go on sale. Many thanks to the volunteers who helped to bring it in from the fields!

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