Monday, August 8, 2016

Tomato varieties 2016

Our usual mix of the tried and tested, and a few experiments....
Gardener's delight - tasty small red cherry

Golden queen - large yellow tomato

Berner rose - pale rose-coloured beefsteak

Chocolate cherry - tasty dark brown cherry tomato

Costoluto di Fiorentina - Italian cooker, ridged and squat

Jen's tangerin - big orange tomato

Orange banana - like a plum tomato but orange

Quadro - big red cooker

Ruby - big red beefsteak

Stupice - early red tomato

Sungold - exceptionally tasty early orange cherry

Tigerella - striped red and gold/green

Yellow submarine - pear-shaped yellow cherry

One day's pick of tomatoes ready for sale
The unripe tops of some of the varieties shown above are due to (would you believe it?) excess sunshine and heat in our polytunnels, which blocks the production of the ripening pigment. The tomatoes can still be eaten, but have a slightly unripe shoulder area. This seems to affect red tomatoes more than other colours, and in particular the Stupice.

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