Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Lafrowda 2018

Lafrowda is one of the biggest events in St. Just's busy social calender. The culmination of two weeks of community arts and crafts events and workshops is Lafrowda Day itself, which was Saturday 21st July.
Alice on the farm's stall on Fore Street - also helped through the day by Fran in her amazing Andalusian dress.

The farmers' market and buskers corner in full swing on Fore Street.
The farm's incredible willow sculpture of a Seville orange seller, created for us by the wonderful Jo and her mum.
This is a video of the 10pm torchlit procession, where you can see our sculpture in action on the streets of St. Just.

Thank you to everybody who harvested and packed veg and eggs on the Friday, and helped on our stall and in the processions on Saturday, and many many thanks to Jo for her amazing willow sculpture. And thank you Lafrowda!

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