Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Planting leeks

We were waiting for some wet weather to transplant our leeks, but after weeks of dry sunshine and no rain on the horizon, we had to go for it before it was too late. This year we have nine varieties of leek, maturing at different times, to hopefully give us a long harvest of up to eight months.
Digging leek seedlings out of the polytunnel, where we sowed them in early March.
Planting leeks into dibbed and watered holes in long lines of green-waste compost.

We transplanted exactly one mile of leeks, at 20cm spacings, so that's just over 8000 plants.
We spent all our spare time for ten days transplanting leeks, and have watered them on most days since, which also takes hours. Fingers crossed for some rain soon and a good crop later! Many thanks to all the people who volunteered to help.

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