Thursday, April 11, 2019

Projects for this year

We have plenty of exciting projects to get on with this year, so if any of the following tickle your fancy and you wish to come and lend a hand or otherwise get involved, please contact us on
  • building a new compost toilet to allow us to re-site our camping area to a more secluded field;
  • renovating the cob house to enable it to be used as a potting shed and storage area;
  • improving biodiversity and pollinator habitat on the farm, in association with the Wheal Buzzy Project from West Cornwall AONB;
  • possibly a passive solar shower, for our campers and other visitors;
  • a farm nature trail;
  • a rabbit fence and tree-bog in the new allotment field;
  • a new entrance way and parking area in Home Field, to allow easier safer access into the farm;
  • all of this as well as the farm's core activities of producing food (picking, packing, planting, weeding, animal care etc.).
 We also need help in the farm shop and at our regular farmer's markets - so do please get in touch!

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