Monday, April 22, 2019

Spring flowers

The farm is awash with spring flowers - dog violets, alexanders, three-cornered leeks, green alkanet, English bluebells, celendines, ground ivy, common field speedwell, stitchwort, plantain, daisies, dandelions, cornsalad, forget-me-nots, red campion, herb robert etc... Because we don't use any chemical pesticides or fertilisers on the farm these wild flowers thrive, along with the insect life and other animals that they support.

English bluebells.

Dog violets.

Green alkanet.

Ribwort plantain.

Red campion.

Greater stitchwort.

Three-cornered leek.
We are also augmenting the biodiversity and habitat of the farm by improving and extending our wildflower hay-meadows, creating herb gardens, and improving the existing bee-friendly garden behind the open barn.
Bee-dipping pond in the pollinator garden, with marsh marigold and primroses.

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