Sunday, May 31, 2020

Busy busy busy

We are very pleased to be very busy at this critical time. We are continuing to support our local community as best we can, both through our farm shop (which has remained open daily throughout the crisis, with safety measures in place) and veg box scheme.
Our weekly veg box numbers remain high - it took us eight years to reach 50 boxes per week, then only three weeks in March to get to 155 per week. This has now reduced slightly to about 140 - 35 of these weekly boxes are for Pendeen School, who distribute them to their Pupil Premium families, and we are pleased to have been asked to continue this service until late July.
Somehow we have managed to fill these high numbers of veg boxes during April and May, the two worst months of the year for fresh produce, the notorious "hungry gap". We have been very relieved to have been able to buy fresh produce from Cargease Organics, Phoenix Organics, Trenow Organic Market Garden, and Heather Lane Nurseries to help see us through. As we are now clawing our way slowly out of the hungry gap this stressful task will become (thankfully) easier.
We are, as always, hugely grateful to the team of local volunteers who come to the farm, without whose help we couldn't provide so much for so many. Although many precautions are taken, our volunteers (and staff) put themselves and their families at risk whenever they leave their homes to come and help, and we cannot thank them enough. Thanks are also due to Sue James for giving us the money to buy a large gazebo for the farmyard, allowing us all to have coffee-breaks and lunch outside in the yard, at two-metres apart, whatever the weather.

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