Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Chicken sheds move again

As part of our rotation system, every two years the chickens move field, which involves dragging their sheds (with the chickens inside) from one field to another through some very narrow gateways. Kieron Williams helped us for the second time running, and he's getting quite good at it! Our tractor is only strong enough to tow the sheds downhill, but Kieron's can pull them uphill too...

Chickens out and about in their new field, six days after digging the last of our potatoes out of this patch.

Rex and Adrien replacing a section of fence after the chicken sheds had passed through.
Half of the field where the chickens came from is already planted with potatoes (ridged up today for the second time), and the other half is about to be ploughed for our winter brassica patch (plus leeks, beetroot etc..).

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