Monday, May 10, 2021


Ian, who has been volunteering on the community farm (and on other projects in the local community), has moved back up north to be nearer to family, and is already being sorely missed. Ian has put time in at the farm most days for the past seven years - watering plants, potting-on seedlings, opening polytunnels, picking herbs and edible flowers, picking salad early on a Friday morning, planting wildflowers in the meadows, planting pollinator-friendly plants in the farmyard, leading Monday's wildlife gardening group, leading farm tours on open days etc..etc.. - but most of all sharing his wide knowledge with everybody, and being a friend of the farm. 

Ian dressing leeks in 2015.

Ian picking parsley in 2021.
We'd all like to thank Ian for all the help he has given the farm over the past seven years, and we wish him all the best, and hope the move is going well.

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  1. Ian was a very hard worker when I volunteered in 2018. I enjoyed talking with him and learning new things. I know he will be missed. Who will start up all those seeds, now? I wish Ian all the very best. Linda McParland New York