Thursday, May 6, 2021

April showers?

April is a month renowned for wet weather, but we have just endured the third dry April in a row. In spring in 2019 we had 10 weeks without rain, 2020 was 4 weeks, and we have now in 2021 come to the end of 5 weeks without rain. Maybe dry springs are the new climate? It's the worst time of year to be so dry, as we are desperately trying to bring on the new season's crops, and taking hours each day to water seedlings in the field is time (and water) consuming, with some plant losses. The first showers of April came to great relief on the 26th, and there have been more since then, mixed in with hot dry days and easterly winds. By yesterday the ground was parched again, but a lot of rain overnight and this morning has come to the rescue.

Bartinney Beacon seen from the farm, after the nature reserve on it was devastated by wild fires.

Salad plants bolting due to heat in one of our polytunnels.

Rain this morning, wonderful!

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