Wednesday, December 22, 2021


Several years ago we created a willow copse in the corner of what is now our allotment field (Pepper Field), and this year it was time to coppice the willow for the first time. We produced three different products from the willow - whips for planting in other fields, firewood to dry out for the farmhouse, and a brash-pile as wildlife habitat in the field corner.

Warren and Joe coppicing lines of willow in the copse. The outer lines were left standing as shelter belts for our bee hives.

Polly snedding the willow to produce whips, firewood, and brash.

Robert building the brash pile in a nearby field corner, as a big bug hotel and hedgehog hibernation place etc...

Joe planting the willow whips around the upper crop/chicken field.

Some of the willow we planted down the middle of the Market Garden as a windbreak 3 or 4 winters ago, now functional and attractive too.

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