Thursday, December 30, 2021

Nature conservation works

With the generous support of the Penwith Landscape Project, and thanks to Gryff on his digger, last week we carried out some more nature conservation projects on the farm.

Using half an old telegraph pole, we've erected a support for a barn-owl box, on the edge of our young woodland. Two barn owls have been seen over the farm several times this winter. The box is to follow.

Also in the woodland field, we have created a series of shallow scrapes and ponds for wildlife, as a wetland habitat.

New scrapes in the woodland.

Again as a wetland habitat, we have re-instated an historic drainage ditch at the bottom of Hotel Field, part of the southern boundary of the farm.

This is the small wetland area that we created earlier this year in a bottom corner of the allotment field, which we are peased to see is already full of water, and hopefully the associated wildlife will follow.

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